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Question: Q: Ddns for AirPort Extreme

hello maybe someone can help me. I need to use AirPort Extreme with ddyn service. I tried many services, like no-ip and blah blah blah, but no one seems to work.

i ask u if someone know one ddns services, if possible free, that works with AirPort Extreme, or how configuration AirPort Extrem with ddns services.

Posted on Jan 29, 2016 10:37 AM

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or how configuration AirPort Extrem with ddns services.

To configure the AirPort Extreme for DDNS service you will need to use the AirPort Utility, as follows:

  • Run the AirPort Utility, select the Extreme base station, and then, select Edit.
  • Click on Internet > Internet Options.
  • Use dynamic global hostname (checked)
  • Hostname:
  • User:
  • Password:
  • Click on «Save.»
  • Click on «Update.»
  • Allow the Extreme to restart.

. as far as free, you already know about No-IP, another would be Duck DNS. To find others, just do an Internet search for «free DDNS.»

Thank you very much for the answer .

Last weekend I tried with different ddns’s services. All work but only with the port vpn, with other ports ftp, ssh, http, https and apt not work. With the other router I was using until a few days ago I never had these problems.

Another problem I do not understand how to open the port to access the USB disk connected to an AirPort Extreme, if I have to use ip the airport.

Another problem I do not understand how to open the port to access the USB disk connected to an AirPort Extreme, if I have to use ip the airport.

FWIW. When you have a different issue, you should start another post.

However, to help answer your question, please check out the following AirPort User Tip.

Update: I tried it with a paid DDNS compatible with AirPort Extreme, and everything is ok.

Do you know a ddns free compatible AirPort Extreme?

Do you know a ddns free compatible AirPort Extreme?

I already provided you that answer in my earlier reply.

Last weekend I tried with different ddns’s services. All work but only with the port vpn, with other ports ftp, ssh, http, https and apt not work. With the other router I was using until a few days ago I never had these problems.

There are no service options (ftp, ssh, http, etc.) related to DNS — DNS does nothing more than map a name to an IP address. The fact that your VPN works tells me that the (free) DDNS service is working — you can map your DNS name to your IP address.

Services are a whole different issue. The base station will, by default, block incoming connections. You need to enable port forwarding (in the Network tab of Airport Utility) to tell the base station to allow other protocols into your network. Again, this has nothing to do with the DNS service.


Question: Q: How to configure a DDNS service in AirPort?

I would like configure a DDNS service as NOIP (www.no-ip.com) in my AirPort Extreme to access to my network outside of my house

Posted on Nov 29, 2014 8:32 AM

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The only option available for configuring an AirPort base station for DDNS is on the Internet > Internet Options page of the AirPort Utility. Here you would enter the DDNS-provider hostname and your user account and password info. Note: Be sure to select the ‘Use dynamic global hostname’ option to enable it.

One important consideration. The AirPort base stations do NOT support a built-in DDNS client. That is, in order for your DDNS-provider to be provided with dynamic WAN-side IP address changes from your ISP you will need to run a DDNS client on one of your network computers. Note: Most DDNS-providers offer Mac, Windows, & Linux-based clients.

If you need for this feature to be provided by your router, you will need to switch to another router manufacturer that support this function.

Thanks Tesserax but there are something that I don’t understand:

The AirPort have a option to configure «dinamic» domain name server. «Dinamic» is that de IP changes, else it would be «Static». I understand that the function of the router is send my IP to the DNS service. If my IP was static this would not be necessary.

What is the utility of this option in the AirPort menu?

The most common use for DDNS is when you have a network resource that you want to access from the Internet AND that your ISP provides you with a dynamic WAN-side IP address. Most consumer-grade Internet service is provided with a dynamic IP address.

So after a couple of hours of playing around and testing I’ve finally found the correct settings to achieve this, I wasn’t able to find the configuration options through the Windows Airport Utility client but borrow a MacBook Air from a family member and was able to find it:

1. Open the AirPort Utility on a Mac computer.

2. Click on your AirPort Device, then click «Edit».

3. Select the «Internet» tab.

4. Now in the «Domain Name» section type «yourhostname.ddns.net» or it could be «yourhostname.no-ip.com» or whatever other hostname No-IP.com may have assigned you.

5. Now click the «Internet Options» button.

6. At the bottom of the windows that opened tick the check box «Use dynamic global hostname»

7. In the «Hostname» section fill it with «no-ip.ddns»

8. In the «User» & «Password» sections fill it with the username and password that you chose when creating your «No-IP.com» account.

9. Now click «Save» which will save the settings and click «Update» to update the Airport device which will also restart it.

Please note that it does sometimes take up to 5 to 10 minutes to update the DNS settings to No-IP.com, which caused me to think it wasn’t working initially.

Your steps are well documented and I’m encouraged by your declaration of success! I do have two questions:

a) did your HOST already exist at No-IP.com?

b) On #7 you wrote [In the «Hostname» section fill it with «no-ip.ddns»] — Is that a typo or accident? does not seem to be a recognizable format. Did you mean to type «no-ip.com» or perhaps «ddns.net»?

I am testing some alternatives now to see what I come up with. Looking forward to getting a working solution with my Airport Extreme!

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Thanks for your well presented info! And to think you just wrote this up this morning.

a) All I have from No-IP.com is a free DDNS service. When signing up for this free service you are asked to pick a free host name, mine is «myhostname.ddns.net».

b) Good question, I can’t actually confirm at this point whether this entry is even necessary, I just happened to have this filled in at the time of my success. I found this address in a screenshot of what I believe was a «WD MyCloud NAS» device configuration page in a drop down list of pre set DDNS services. I do admit the address looks a bit funny and after you pointing it out, I’ve tried looking it up and pinging it with no luck. So there is a very good chance it isn’t needed but doesn’t seem to do any harm at least.

I actually signed up to Apple Discussion just so I could post what I found as I spent hours looking and couldn’t find anything to help 🙂

I hope I’ve been able to answer your questions correctly, otherwise please let me know.


Can Airport Extreme be configured to work with a free dynamic DNS service?

I have an Airport Extreme and wish to set up Dynamic DNS (DDNS) so that I can remotely access my home WiFi security cameras when I’m traveling. I’m seeing certain things that say the built-in dynamic DNS client in the Airport, which I need to use since my Mac will be traveling with me, uses obscure protocols that aren’t supported by many accounts. Is there a free dynamic DNS provider I can use (or the one from Foscam) that will work with the Airport?

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Apple’s Airport Extreme doesn’t have DDNS support built in so it can’t update the service itself. But it also doesn’t prevent any other client from talking to the DDNS service and updating the records to point to the Airport.

You don’t need to be on the router to get your public IP address; you can get get it from any client anywhere on your network that has Internet access.

The basic way DDNS works is that

You set up a DDNS domain and account to which you will sync periodically to.

The DDNS client requests an update from the DDNS server; the client and server authenticate, and compare the IP address the client is sending with the IP address in the DNS record.

If the records are the same, nothing is done and you continue on. If there is an update, the server updates its DNS record.

The DDNS DNS server propagates those changes throughout the Internet meaning GoDaddy’s, Google’s, etc. will accept the changes.

At some point, this change hits your ISP and their DNS servers so a nslookup of your IP address will return the correct domain name.

I had a router that didn’t support DNS, so I created a script that ran via cron on my web dev server VM that updated it; it worked with no problem. So, in reference to your «answer», it’s your IP cameras that are doing the DDNS updates for you.

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Установка airport extreme и его настройка на mac os

После покупки Airport Extreme настройка остается единственным, что отделяет Вас от радости использования роутера от Apple и мы поможем Вам настроить его быстро!

Инструкция по установке Apple airport extreme

Шаг 1. Настройка роутера apple airport extreme начинается с отсоединения шнура обслуживающего вас поставщика Интернет предыдущего агрегата. Затем вставляем его в разъем WAN в отверстие нового маршрутизатора (над этим отверстием нарисована окружность, состоящая из мелких кружков).

Airport extreme не обладает персональным интерфейсом, а требует подключения в фирменной утилите Airport. На технике с Mac OS предусмотрена эта утилита. Airport extreme и его настройка на Windows реальна, но для этого придется скачать оригинальную версию себе на компьютер.

Если вы хотите переустановить роутер заново, то необходимо сбросить предыдущие настройки, с помощью нажатия кнопки Reset на нем. Удерживать ее нужно до того момента, пока лампочка на его корпусе не начнет моргать, параллельно включая устройство в электросеть. Основные индикаторы, свидетельствующие о его работе, должны быть хорошо видны вам. Пока вы будете заниматься установкой агрегата, лампа на его панели будет гореть желтым цветом.

Шаг 2. Используя Fiber на компьютере, в избранном нужно найти программы и утилиты, установленные на нем и щелкнуть на название нужной нам. После запуска утилиты, вы увидите надпись «Другие базовые станции» — вам необходимо выбрать «Airport Extreme aa0406». Далее, откроется меню установки. В появившемся окне необходимо дать имя сети Интернет и базовой станции (имена на ваш выбор) и придумать пароль, состоящий из, как минимум, восьми символов.

Шаг 3. Нажмите кнопку «Далее» — таким образом будет произведена установка airport extreme, о чем впоследствии уведомит окно программы. Вам остается лишь зайти в Интернет и удостовериться, что маршрутизатор работает. При этом, на самом роутере должны гореть зеленые индикаторы, свидетельствующие о наличии Интернета.

При наладке этого устройства могут возникнуть сложности:

  • этот маршрутизатор оснащен IP-адресами, которые нельзя изменить: может быть конфликт с IP-адресами поставщика вашей сети Интернет;
  • пользователь может быть арендатором внешнего IP-адреса, но работу роутера по-прежнему не удастся наладить.

Чтобы решить данные проблемы, необходимо связаться с техслужбой поставщика сети Интернет, уведомив о смене маршрутизатора и названии его марки. Тем самым, сотрудники компании вашего поставщика Интернета помогут с добавлением IP-адреса вашего устройства (который как раз таки не удастся изменить) в таблицу разрешенных подключений.

Если вам сообщили, что вы являетесь арендатором внешнего IP-адреса, то необходимо произвести подключение маршрутизатора через Static IP.

Необходимо заново открыть фирменную утилиту, выбрав точку доступа и свойство «Изменить». В разделе «Интернет» вам нужно в строке «Подключиться через» выбрать слово «Статичн.». После этого, нужно заполнить графы ниже, указав DNS-серверы, доменное имя и WAN-адрес. Все это есть в договоре на оказание услуг вашего поставщика Интеренет-соединения. После заполнения всех данных нажмите кнопку «Обновить» и дождитесь окончания процесса. После этого, утилиту стоит закрыть – больше она не пригодится.

Настройка роутера airport extreme на mac – не такое уж и сложное занятие. Вот так просто это можно сделать.


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